Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lace and Pearls

Better to confess straight away: this is a copycat mani with inspiration from the wonderful Emily's Nail files. You can awe her mani here. Emily stamped her flowers, but I decided to paint them using a dotting tool and Konad black special polish.

As the base I've got Models Own Peach Puff. Application was awful, the polish chalky and pasty. This is three painful, though quick drying coats. Why oh why did I buy the whole range of their pastels?!  Maybe I'll try adding some thinner...

 As I said wrote, the "flowers" were painted with a dotting tool, and the fishnet is from Bundle Monster plate BM209. I also added some half pearls bought from eBay. There are two pink ones and one white, though the difference in thei colour might not be visible in the pics. Top coat is Mavala Minute Quick-Finish, which goes well with konading.

These two pictures feature my favourite classy pink heels, which have led me through some intimidating steps on my career and to some precious friends.

Now that my nails are shorter, the new whole nail images really cover my whole nail, which is a new sensation. I'm going to experiment with some more of them soon, until my nails grow out of them again. I'm also going to compare some quick-dry topcoats, so stay tuned!


  1. Very pretty colour! I love the name of your blog, very funny :) Nice layout too!

  2. Thx! The blog title was inspired by OPI polish names. The staff there must be at least as crazy as I am ;P