Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hawaiian comet

WTF is Hawaiian comet, I hear you say..
Now this is a mani based on Orly Halley's Comet from the Cosmic FX collection. One of my favourite dresses (fom Roulette) is a Hawaiian inspired 50's pinup style tight fitting number with printed white and pink flowers and peacock feathers IN THE EXACT COLOR of Halley's Comet. So there you got it: Hawaiian Comet.

 Polishes used were Orly Hawaiian Punch, Orly Halley's Comet, Essence Colour&go Fabuless and Konad special white. 

 I painted three coats of Halley's Comet, then randomly sponged in some black on the accent finger. The contrast to the other fingers was not so obvious IRL. After sponging I stamped a hibiscus from an Essence plate and finally made some stretched dots using Hawaiian Punch and my tiniest dotting tool. A coat of Orly Sec'n dry, and that's it.
I wore this mani for days, with and without the dress. Could have added stamping to the other nails, too, but it's good to leave something to improve for the next time..


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  2. Täällä uusi lukija ilmoittautuu! Tykkään kovasti blogisi ulkoasusta ja tyylistä millä kuvailet kynsiäsi. On myös mukava lukea kivaa englantiasi, ei vaikuta väkisin väännetyltä :>