Monday, June 20, 2011

Black and Gold

This is a mani made by my nail technician, J. I've had my gel/acrylic nails on for at least six years now, and tried almost everything there is (except completely removing them, LOL). J is the swiftest and most dedicated, creatively crazy nail artist I've visited. We've been through a lot together. This is a simple but stylish mani, though, with some golden Alessandro polish (didn't get the name, sorry) as the base and black leaves drawn with an Oriflame nail art polish. The rhinestones were supposed to be golden in colour, but I'd call them champagne.

I like the way all the nails are a bit different. My personal favourite is the left ring finger, with the rhinestones. Ouch for the cuticle in my pinky! Getting the infills done can be pretty stressful for the skin, but luckily for me it's only every five weeks.

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