Wednesday, January 15, 2014

TPC: Dot dot dot

And here comes my second take on January Tri Polish colours. I'm still going strong with the only yellow polish I have in my travel stash...
For todays challenge I made a simple dotticure ombre - which turned out a bit controversial.
The base is Rimmel Fruities Lemon Drop, and the dots were made with Revlon Red gradually mixed with Lemon Drop.
I had high hopes the mix would become the orange creme I don't have here with me. I have never been so wrong! You should have seen my facepalm, when I saw the mix was turning into pink!!
I hope this is still passable for the January Tri polish challenge, where the colours were red, orange and yellow! I mean, it's still made with yellow and red polishes only! What do you think?

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