Thursday, January 9, 2014

GOT Polish: Pink Barbed

Another challenge for me this year is participating in the Golden Oldies Thursday a.k.a. GOT polish challenge. The idea is to show some love to our golden oldies, polishes that we've had for a long time. You can read more at the Crumpet. My participation also has something to do with me moving temporarily out of the country and having to choose only a fraction of my collection to carry with me. But you will hear more of that soon...
The first theme in this challenge was 'Pink'. Lucky me! This polish (and her sisters – I had to buy the whole line) are ones I've had for a looooonnngg time. Every time I use them, I love them, but then I somehow forget about them. Shame on me, because they_are_awesome!
The pink here is Manhattan 51k. It glides on like butter, with absolutely no streaking, running, bubbling or anything like that.
Why do we start taking these perfect and faithful polishes -and sometimes people- for granted, forgetting to be thankful for their existence?  That stops right here! Thank you, all you lovely readers, lovely polishes and all my dearest ones, just for being there!
Ok, back to the business!  For this manicure I stamped on barbed wire from BM323 and used a kitchen sponge with Mavala white to the tips. Voilà! Now let's see what the others have been up to..


  1. love the stamped barbed wire!! your nails are so long! :)

    1. Thanks! :) I'll have to admit two things: I've got gel nails and I'm really lazy in keeping them short :D