Thursday, January 23, 2014

GOT Polish: Blue Pirouette

The blue themed post in the GOT polish challenge is dedicated to a non-blue polish – one of the prettiest glitter toppers ever: OPI Pirouette My Whistle. If you own it, this is the kind of manicure you're going to do, sooner or later. And, believe me, it pays off...
 I paired it first with a blue jelly polish.
I proceeded like this:
a coat of Essence Cool and the Gang
a coat of OPI Pirouette my Whistle
a coat of CatG
dabbings of PMW
a coat of Seche Vite
Just admire the depth!! Such blue! Very jelly! Wow!
I couldn't stop myself here - although I maybe should have. I added an accent finger with iridescent glequins in the left hand, and China Glaze Snow Globe in the right.
I'm useless in glitter placement, sorry! I need some more excercise...
Finally, I aimed for some kind of a seabed effect with the stamping. The pattern is from the DRK-A plate, stamped twice: first with Essie Fair Game, and then with Orly It's Up to Blue.
Some more Seche Vite, and I was ready (to regret I didn't stop earlier..)

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