Saturday, January 19, 2013

H - Hunt Me if You Can

My H polish in the ABC challenge is Essence Hunt Me if You Can. It's a great black shade with silver and multicolour shimmer. This is two easy coats.
For this cutesy-pie manicure I decided to combine two of the designs I've got on my Awesome Manicures board at Pinterest. Thank you Nailasaurus for the splatter idea and Kayono for the penguin!
To all fingers but the ring finger I did a splatter with Gosh Silver and Kleancolor Metallic Orange.
 The ring finger got a penguin design with the same colours. The penguin was really easy to make, please google for a tutorial and make your own!
On the thumb I made a tape manicure using Lacquistry Cosy Fire and OPI Pirouette My Whistle
And of course I had to matify with Essence Soft Touch topper.
By the way, Kleancolor Metallic Orange is almost a one coater and looks great on its own. Awesome quality for a dollar! It stained my gel nails a bit, though, so be careful with this one.
This manicure is one of my favourites for a long time. Plus it was fun to photograph it matified, without having to worry about reflections. This mani, especially the "who, me" penguin, made me smile many times, and I hope it did it for you, too! Sometimes, when your life is a mess, such a small thing can make a difference for a moment: a fun memory or, say, a penguin on your nails.


  1. that metallic orange is so beautiful, i'm gonna get it the next time i buy kleancolor and it looks amazing with the matte top coat as well!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Kleancolor can be a hit sometimes. I'd love to get my hand on their other metallic polishes. As far I've got only this one and the metallic black... some shopping ahead :)