Thursday, January 3, 2013

Empties - December

In December I finished 4 products. Compared to the 2 products in November, this makes me feel I'm making some progress..
Two of the products were for hair: Garnier avocado shampoo, which I liked otherwise, but it didn't preserve the clean hair feeling too long. And The Body Shop Rainforest radiance conditioner, that didn't work for me at all. It left my hair somehow dry and tangled, plus it was extremely hard to get out of the bottle. Both of these could be just fine for other types of hair.
 First of the two face products was a Micosalud Reishi and Cordyceps sinensis serum I got in a Glossybox (paid by me). It was ok, absorbed well and smelled of mushrooms. Quite locigal, because it was made of mushrooms. Still I was not too fond of the scent, and wouldn't buy this again. The vain little me wants her pampering products to feel, look and smell good, not only to do their job well.
The last product was an eye contour cream from Elizabeth Arden. It was ok too, but felt quite heavy on my skin. I tend to use Cliniques All About Eyes, the rich version, and this was like an ultra-mega-super rich version. I could buy this again, but maybe I'll want to try out something lighter..

Thanks for reading! Next time it's nails again!

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