Saturday, February 11, 2012

New York and Some Dots

All marketing departments please note - put a pic of New York City in a product, and you've sold one - for me. New York is my absolute favourite city on earth - all the people, life, tastes, feelings, memories, experiences... the ultimate freedom and the "everything goes".  I didn't initially really want this polish, but decided to take the 3 euro plunge just for the name and pic in the bottle: Say hello to Catrice New York!
The base is two to three coats of NY. I was a bit thick at first, but after seven (!) drops of thinner applied well. And I love the colour! It's just the right shade of blue/gray, that keeps you wanting for more.. Just like the Big Apple.
For the deco I used three polishes I recently sourced from a 3 for 2 -basket. Essence has been winding down it's Multidimension -line of polishes for quite some time now, so if you need one of those/these, hurry.
These dots and the flower in the accent nail are made with Essence Multidimension Tryin to be Cool, (darkest) Replay (China Glaze For Audrey dupe!!) and Fall for Me (the light blue one).
I painted the flower with my Roubloff nail art brush and -obviously- used a dotting tool for the dots.
After using the three Essence polishes the flower nail looked it could use something extra, so I added a few silvery lines with Essence Colour&go Can't Cheat on Me. Somehow, it still looked too plain.
So I picked up the anti-plainness remedy no 1: glitter. One coat of Wild and Crazy Super Star made the difference!
And here are the polishes!
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