Monday, February 3, 2014

Flormar Satin Mattes - And Stamping!!

I'm usually not impulsive in nail polish hauling and blogging. Rather, I tend to enjoy all the planning, googling for swatches, making spreadheets... you know the game...
But just last weekend, something snapped. I went into a Flormar store, found a full display of their new Satin Matte polishes, bought four, came home, painted them all on my nails, tried stamping with them, took pics and now I'm writing this post - and publishing it on one go!!! Awesome, and soooo weird!!
Anyhow, onto the polish... These four satin mattes are really good in opacity - these are all two coats, and persons with less free edge might get away with one coat.
 They also dry really fast - I mean fast as in "they'll dry on the brush if you're not quick enough".

 They look satin-y without top coat, and still great with the top coat on.
The yellow might honestly be the best yellow polish I've ever seen. And I've tried out a few...
The colours pictured here are GS11 (Canary), GS13 (Orchid), GS15 (Cobalt) and GS05 (Chili). I love how they finally gave names to the polishes!! Thank you, Flormar, for listening my endless rants...
And, that is definitely not all. They are also ok for stamping. Especially the purple and orange gave great results – but I did manage to stamp even with the yellow.
The stamping patterns are all from DRK-A plate.
I left at the store many original colours, like a murky olive shimmer, and many consumer-friendly colours like a blingy pink. I might have to go back and haul them, too...
---By the way, here's also my right hand I stamped at random, didn't do a proper cleanup and bumped somewhere. Sorry about that! I just thought I'd like to show you all the colour combos I made...


  1. Flormar is my latest discovery. I usually don't like mattes and I don't know what happened but I got to like it when I used Matte nr 07 (Matte, no Satin Matte). I like the looks of all nail polishes you showed here. Maybe the best this orange-red one.

    1. Thanks for commenting! I agree! I once thought I don't need matte polishes, just a matte topcoat. But these are awesome :)