Tuesday, February 4, 2014

TPC: Grayscale Water Marble

Another water marble for the Tri-polish challenge this year – wow, I've been adventurous :)
I've actually found out, that I like water marbling! Who would have thought that after my first disastrous attempts?! I see water marbling as THE legitimate reason to just sit an entire hour by my desk and "do nothing", maybe browse a few nail blogs, maybe shop some nail stuff, but doing nothing productive.
The  February colours are gray, brown and pink, and only brown is missing here... Luckily this is allowed in the challenge rules!
I started out with a white base, and used Wild&Mild Rockefeller Center, Models Own Mushroom, NYX Girls Perfect Gray (giveaway score) and China Glaze White on White for marbling.
On the accent finger I added a touch of pink: Essence Multidimension Most Wanted.
This is maybe not the best water marble I've made, but I spent a lot of my precious time doing it, so I'm going to like it! Ever felt the same??

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