Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TPC – Four Way Hearts

Just a quick post about my challenge mani I'm rocking right now.
 This manicure was (surprisingly) made with my May Tri Polish Challenge polishes: Nyx Girls Perfect Gray, Color Club Sexsea and Primark blue neon.
Stamping is from DRK-A plate, and the blue in the hearts was filled in with a toothpick.
It was my husband's idea to stamp the heart/stripes pattern in different directions. I was more than happy to comply - especially as he rarely gets involved with my hobby.
These turned out to be quite cool! Let's see, what the other have done today:


  1. This is so cute! Agree with your husband's idea (also love when BF gets involved! :))
    Love the blue hearts on the stamping: great detail! **

    1. Thanks, Mina!! Let's show our bf's and husbands at least as much love as we do our polishes! :)