Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TPC 1 - Funky French

What time is it? Tri Polish Challenge time!!!
My three polishes in May are Nyx Girls Perfect Gray, Color Club Sexsea and -a surprise choice- Primark neon blue polish. You know the deal: four manicures using these polishes, posted on the two last tuesdays and thursdays of May.
  My first manicure is a simple but funky french, done on two coats of Perfect Gray.
I recently squared my nails, so I can finally sport the funky french style, which looks odd on my normally long and pointed nails. Some of you might have loved those and think these are a little meh, and some of you might already be sick of my talonted style. I love to hear your views and to be able to express mine: I love my nails either way.
I didn't have any tip guides at hand (they are here.. somewhere...), so I just used some regular tape and painted the french tips first with Sexsea, and when that was completely dry, with the blue polish.
Let's see what others have been up to!

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