Tuesday, June 4, 2013

R - Rock-it

My R polish is a long time lemming of mine: Orly Rock-it.
Actually, I find polish shopping - as well as many other things and events - much more fun and rewarding, when you don't get it the instant you want it. One thing is, you really have the time to get to be sure you want it. Other thing is the fulfillment, the "wow, I finally got there" feeling. And the third thing is all the enjoyment you get beforehand, the daydreams and plans you make. (Yes I do daydream of polish, among other things. don't you?)
 Anyways, I started today's mani with two coats of Orly Rock-it on both hands. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when the beautiful, rusty duochrome didn't show up on the nail. Hm.
Then I went for a tape manicure: the left hand was coated with OPI Swimsuit...nailed it! and the tapes removed.
On the right hand, I decided to leave the tapes, after noticing they were actually pretty. I just cut them to go along with the shape of my nail and the polish line near the cuticle.
I topped everything off with japanese pa -nail polish A44, a baby blue sheer polish, with holo microglitter and silver stars. I intended to fish out only the stars, but then tried out applying the polish on a whole nail and fell in love.
 So it ended well, and all was well.

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