Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Water Spotted Comparison 2

This is the take 2 of my experiment with different products to achieve the water spotted look.
You can see my previous comparison here, and find some links to tutorials, too, if you're new to this technique.
I used the two winners of my previous comparison - a haispray and a perfume - plus a few new challengers :) Another hairspray, rubbing alcohol and a mix of gel hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol. The black polish I used was, again, Borghese Notte Black.

The perfume performed well, like the last time. The spots were even in size, and clearly defined - although they look small in the pic. Me like!

Nelly hairspray
Nelly hairspray created larger spots, which do not resemble the original black spotted effect, but which I like nevertheless. A win!

Giorgi hairspray
This hairspray really made a difference with the polish in my cup. I liked the even structure of the pattern, and tried to spray it from further away, but still got more of a web than spots. A fail.

Rubbing alcohol
With rubbing alcohol I got a bubbly surface and too small holes. There were some areas, however, that would have been ok to dip. Still fail-ish.

 My mix contains about 1/3 of CVS greenish hand sanitizer gel, and the rest is just rubbing alcohol. The result was very different from the pure rubbing alcohol, although I tried to spray from the same distance and with the same force. But the spots were much better defined and evenly distributed with this one. I could almost have dipped two nails in there. A win!

And then some colour.
 Of course I had to try these water spotted options on polish. My base polish here - for the maximum contrast - is Color Club Psychedelic scene.
Here are the different spotted styles on my nails:
thumb: prefume
pointer: sanitizer mix
middle: alcohol
ring: Giorgi hairspray
pinky: Nelly hairspray
In my books the winner is the mix of gel hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol. Colette also found out a similar mix did it for her - so I'm in a good company :) I will continue using the Nelly hairspray, too, for the larger spots look (and because it's a lousy hairspray, LOL).

I hope this was useful to some of you. And please share your experiments and experiences!

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