Friday, March 8, 2013

L - Lime up!

Forward with the ABC challenge! My L polish is Essence Lime up!
This is one of the Colour&go line polishes I didn't buy until the last minute before Essence renewed this line. But I'm glad I did - plus it was on sale. It's even brighter than in the pics, a gorgeous dirty lime green polish that really turned some heads when I wore it.
I picked up the courage to use China Glaze Whirled Away to spice up the mani. I've read nothing but negative (a kind word here, mind you) reviews about this, so I was prepared for the worst. The application was bad. I mean horrible. I brushed on one coat and then continued adding glitter with an orange stick from a blob I had made on cardboard.
To the pinky and middle fingers I added stamping from DRK-A with Konad black special polish. I think the stamping fitted this mani perfectly - Whirl-ed Away, hee hee, got it? I have to admit that I love the Whirled Away on a bright base so much, that I'm ready to give this polish another try sometimes. I'm especially fond of these large white hexes.
WA took one thick coat of Seche Vite and another of Essence Better than gel nails top coat to smooth down. But still, we'll meet again...

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