Saturday, February 2, 2013

I - It's a trap-eze

My I -polish is the China Glaze It's a trap-eze!
 The polish was OK to apply, much better than the other glitters in this collection. And it wasn't a huge pain to remove either. But still I'm not completely sure about this... I think still I prefer to make my own glitter sanwiches.
Just the polish today, that's all - and a brief post.
I have surprised myself by really working hard this week. Yay!! As a reward I'm going for a two day trip to Barcelona, and the Cosmobelleza beauty trade fair. Double yay!!
Let's see, if I come back with some new polishes to show you...


  1. This is such a cute polish! I like sandwiching my own too, but I love that CG experimented a little with their glitters for this collection. Have an awesome time in Barcelona!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth!! It's good -and fun- to see that the big polish companies are following the indie trends! I'm looking forward to future collections... (aren't we all...)