Saturday, December 22, 2012

Finished products - November

A bit late it comes, but here's the first "finished products" post of my quest for less clutter in my bathroom. (see the original post here) I'm feeling it for you, if you aren't too keen on these cosmetics posts. I promise to post nails soon... very soon.
In November I finished two products. That's not much, but that's something, eh? One of the products was a conditioner from TiGi. Gorgeous scent and did its job just fine. What more can you ask for?
The other one was a body moisturizer from Joik, an Estonian company. I liked it, but it smelled so strongly of my good friend T - coconut, fruit, vanilla - that I felt really odd wearing it. Plus it  went really runny by time.

Ok, ok... I give up... Here's some nails to you all  - just to wish you a happy Christmas season with your loved ones wherever you are. Oh, and the green blurp is supposed to be a Christmas tree...

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