Saturday, December 1, 2012

B – Be Brave!

This manicure – the day 2 of the ABC challenge – was the first time I tried the DIY glue peel off base coat for glitter manicures. I brushed on one coat of glue (Scotch Hobby- och skollim), let it dry and then proceeded to polish.

I'm wearing one coat of Manhattan lotus effect 61V, with four coats (!) of Orly Be Brave! Stamping was made with Konad black and BM plate 322.
 This mani really, I mean REALLY sparkled IRL. Here's an unfocused pic to show you all the holo goodness. Sorry for any nausea this might cause..
 Removing the glue basecoat by peeling was easy with this mani, but my later experiments were al disastrous. As you might know, I'm sporting gel nails, and it's extremely difficult to peel only the glue, not the gel. Ouch. But I'm going to make it work one day, and reveal you the trick when I find it.
There might be people, who would call this manicure names, and those names would not be "classy", "stylish", "adult" or "work appropriate". 
I'd say to those people: "Be Brave!!". Obviously I don't want anyone to go running around insulting other people on purpose, wearing the wrong nail polish in the wrong funeral, or ignoring other people's values. But in most cases nails polish is just nail polish. Believe me, I've gotten my share of odd looks, like when I wore neon pink nails with black zebra print and glitter to an important work meeting. But neither the polish I wore nor the looks made me anything I wasn't before. So be brave, girls and boys, and wear whatever you want!

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