Wednesday, December 19, 2012

D – Dorian Gray

The D-polish comes from one of my favourite brands, A England.
A England Dorian Gray was one of the two polishes I simply needed to have from the Gothic Beauties collection. This one I picked up for the unique colour, but the other one was a must have for it's name - Jane Eyre. Ok, I like the polish, too, but the book Jane Eyre means a lot to me. I'll tell you more some other time (like when presenting the polish, for example), but now I just have to blurt out how the book with al its levels and nuances has influenced my view on the world more than probably any other cultural object. Go read it, if you haven't already!
But let's get to todays polish, shall we? Dorian Gray is a beautiful, shimmery pewter gray on its own. It applied like a dream and was almost a one coater.
I added some sponging to the tips with Essence Nail Art toppers in You're a Gold Mine and Mystic Mermaid.
Lastly, I did some stamping with Barry M Gold foil effect and Essence Nail Art Twins Romeo, using the BM plate 314.
I really like the combination of pewter and gold here. And I regret not using my regular silver staming polish, Gosh silver, instead of Romeo. I'd love to see more of that silver stamping.

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