Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spun Sugar Skittle

 'tis the season...
I mean not THE season yet, but the time to stop longing for the last summer and start longing for the Holidays and all the fun preceeding them. But who cares! I've got a bunch of nail photos from the summer and I'm going to show you the best picks, like it or not!
This mani is the result of another I-can't-decide-which-polish-to-try-first -moments..
For the base I used four Manhattan polishes from the Lotus Effect line:
from pinky to pointer (left hand)
**Targeted message to you guys who make Manhattan polishes: Get your act together and make up some names to your polishes!! Arg!!!**
 Other than the persistent name issue, I can't complain about the polishes. All of these were two effortless coats, complete opacity, butter-like texture. What more could a girl want - from nail polish that cost 4 euros, that is...
To decorate, I added a bit of "spun sugar" (my first) with Essence Fruity yellow polish (no name on the bottle) and Manhattan 51K. I'm quite happy with the result, even if it took a bit more effort than I thought. The time window when the polish is stringy enough to "be spun" and not yet too hard and clumpy was quite narrow, at least with these polishes.
 And last but NOT AT ALL least:
A huge thank you for all my followers who have stayed with me through all the summer with virtually no posts!!! Just knowing you are there has been a great comfort in the changes I've been through recently. You're definitely up for a treat! At least a whole summers worth of sunny nail pics, plus maybe something even more fun... :)

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