Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sorbet Spider

A few Halloween manis coming up! Personally, I don't even celebrate Halloween, and it's not very big where I'm living now. But there have been sooo many fun and ingenious halloween nails around in the blogs I read, I simply had to give them a go. And besides, what are all the cobweb stamping patterns for if not this...
This mani is three coats of OPI Y'all Come Back Ya Hear, and some sponging on the tips with OPI Big Hair... Big Nails. The spider web stamping pattern came from DRK-A -plate. 
On the pinky I tried to paint something resembling a spider (well, at least it's got eight legs..) using a large dotting tool and Konad black special polish. Konad black is NOT my first choice for freehand nail art polish -it gets all stretchy and dries super fast -but I didn't have anything else at hand. If you do, please use something else and have prettier results.
 Apparently adding the red rhinestone and some squishy topcoat made the spider seem a real treat for those after fresh blood... Not bad for a Halloween manicure, eh? And YES, that is a real mosquito, YES, it voluteered to do the photo shoot on its own initiative and YES, it was seriously harmed afterwards -for going after my wrist veins. [evil grin]

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