Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Vampire Bat

Here's another Halloween manicure for you - although I still don't celebrate halloween. Maybe I should start some year...
With this one I got a polish out from my box-o-untrieds again: China Glaze Lubu Heels featured here on ring&index fingers. The other fingers are sporting ChG Mummy May I. Two coats of polish in all of them, I think.
These differed a lot on the nail, although when I first picked them up they seemed almost like twins in red and purple. They have different shapes of glitters, for starters (round in Lubu, square in Mummy). Well, it was dark when I planned this mani...
I painted on some drips with alessandro Virgin Temptation and Astor Pop color 139, both based with Mavala White. The stamping is from BM-301 (isn't that the cutest vampire bat ever?), stamped with my best silver stamping polish Gosh Silver. Geez, it was hard to get a near decent picture of the stamp. It's just in the part of the nail where reflection always inevitably sets. Grrrr.
That's the bottle pic - the official 'That's all, folks' of this blog. Please stay safe, no matter under which storm you're under!

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