Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Way at Times Square

As you know, I'm a sucker for anything New York City - related. That city is magical - if you've been there you know what I mean... So I couldn't resist when I saw the new Wild & Mild Diamond series in the store, all polishes labelled by New York districts / sigths / streets. There wasn't a "Madison Square Park", though, which was a disappointment... I had to get a few, and there's nothing to regret. Their quality, opacity and overall performance is simply great!
I chose the blue one to go first, with some golden toppings. The base here is two coats of Wild & Mild Diamond Times Square. The golden/iridescent glitter comes from Orly Sashay My Way.
Richard Wiseman, who is my second favourite professor in the world (if you can guess my favourite, I'd say you know me quite well..) concludes in his book "Rip it Up", that you can cheat yourself to be happy - at least for a moment and long enough to get some of the useful health effects of happiness. The experiments and theories behind this are abundant, but the core is: act as if you were happy - like smile, laugh or (ahem) paint your nails bright - and your brain thinks you are. Well, I certainly fooled my brain with this mani.
For those of you who dislike long and pointy nails, don't fret - this is the last you see them before I go for a chop. And for those of you who really enjoyed these, don't fret - in a few weeks these'll be long and pointy again!

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