Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Wear Anything I Want On My Nails

The title of this post is, obviously, a bad pun from the Lacquistry polish name "I Wear my Jewelry on my Nails". But seriously, I do wear anything I want on my nails. At work, at funerals, visiting relatives, washing the dishes, lifting weights, working at our house construction site...
And I like it!!!
Of course, other peoples' opinions and feelings matter, but I'm the one who decides what is appropriate. I feel so lucky right now, when I know there are so many talented, fun and beauty-loving ladies out there in the world, who aren't allowed decide for themselves, for their dress or love or nails. I can't even say, if I'm more pissed off or sad...
Ok, end of rant, onto the polish.
The polish on my three fingers here is Color Club Pardon My French topped with a coat of Lacquistry I Wear my Jewelry on my Nails.
Then I created a fugly glitter sandwich on ring fingers with Essence Fruity Peach Beauty
and Essence Nail Art Twins Blair (By the way, who is the twin of this one? I've never seen it in the stores..? The only Blair that comes to my mind right now is Tony Blair, the British ex prime minister...)

It's an odd polish, this one. When you look at it in the bottle, you're sure there is some black/charcoal glitter mixed in. Or at least the base is kinda smoky.. But no, it's "just" different sizes of silver glitter and a bunch of tiny holo glitters in a clear base. Odd! But beautiful!

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