Monday, July 9, 2012

Make a Millionaire Panic

 Have I mentioned I neeeeeded some colour on my life? Some other than the white paint I've been seeing the last few weeks... Neons, glitter, anything goes, as long as it's not white exterior paint!
 For this mani I picked up the brightest neon I could reach: China Glaze Purple Panic, and dabbed the gorgeous China Glaze Marry a Millionaire on the tips. On my ring finger I couldn't resist the shiny glitter bars and painted two coats all over.
Photographing this was a nightmare. No, we DON'T have neon purple flowers growing in our front yard. I just had to play around with the white balance of my camera to get a photo with even near decent colours.
On the next day I pushed my luck and added Kiko orange crackle - Rock-top 601 - on the ring fingers. That wasn't too great an idea...
I loved the effect of the crackle and glitter together. I'll have to try that combo again - maybe with some colours that go well together for a change.. :)