Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Red Ombre

Sometimes you feel your life is totally out of your hands. All the big things go to ass's arse, and the more you try to do about it, the more mess you make.
 Then it's the perfect time to take out your swatchsicles (or stamp collection, or whatever makes you tick). You organize it once again, marvel your collection, play around with it and get to organize everything again. And bit by bit you forget all your bad stuff -at least for a moment- and start to think everyhting is organizable if you take it in small enough portions.
 This is one of my best ever ombre manicures, created on one of those days full of swatchsicle therapy. I love the effect, how the polishes were almost the same colour unless you followed the whole colour change from pinky to thumb or the other way round. I'm sure I left a few people wondering, if they saw what they thought...
 The polishes from pinky to thumb are:
Essie Orange, It's Obvious
Essence Colour&go Wake Up!
China Glaze Pure Torture
OPI Off With Her Red
Essence Circus Circus Applause Applause red creme
To approach the fine world of "nail art" I added some somple white dots with Mavala white. I felt like Minnie Mouse! :)
I liked being dotty, but it was a shame the dots hid most of the ombre effect. In this case, I couldn't have it all.


  1. This ombre effect is amazing! You're totally right--one nail to the next, you don't see much of a change, but together it's a smooth slide along the colour scale. The dots do hide the effect a bit, but I still like them, too. ;)

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth!! So it IS officially justified to have a bunch of near-dupe colours! Because how would you do an ombre like this without them. I'll go and tell that to my husband.. :)