Monday, June 24, 2013

S – Steel My Heart & Soul

The ABC Challenge continues here, welcome all old and new followers, casual readers and everyone in particular! I hope you're all having as happy summer as I am!
 My S polishes come from Catrice - they're from the new Brushed Metal Effect polish range. I got them all, but they were only three, so it's ok :)
In this manicure I used Catrice Steel My Soul (the lighter one) and Steel My Heart (the darker one).
 I decided to add some stamping with an Essence stamping plate using SMH and Konad white.
I had so much fun creating the owl desing on my middle finger.
The owl  beak is Revlon Sandstorm, definitely one of my oldest polishes, by the way. It's one I bought in a second had shop when I was just a teen, and was still looking for my own style among used clother with my friend L. I think of those times fondly, and at the same time I'm happy I've moved forward :)  The cris-cross tape and sponging on my ring finger was just a whim, but I liked it.
I felt weird having the accent nail on my middle finger. Perhaps, because I'm used to getting only negative attention with it. Hee hee.
 Or whoo-hoo, as we owls say...

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