Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tri Polish Challenge - Gilding the Lily

And here, ladies and gentleman, we have the last Tri Polish Challenge post with April's colours: pink, orange and turquoise:
The pinky and pointer got three coats of ChG Turned up Turquoise spiced up with some saran wrap and Barry M Gold Foil.
Ring finger was done kind of vice versa with two coats of Gold first, and then a saran wrap technique with Sinful Colors Cream Pink. Isn't it odd how difficult it is to tell afterwards, which colour was put on first and which was saran wrapped? At least for me, that is...
The middle finger was the officially decorated one in this manicure, with two coats of Cream Pink and stripes in Gold foil and ChG Papaya Punch made using striping tape.
I kept the thumb simple with two coats of Cream Pink. (What do you mean 'was I busy'?!? I have been packing all our things up for a removal, but I've arranged myself plenty of time to do my nails and kept everything strictly under control... cough cough... as if...)
I noticed some other bloggers too have decided to combine gold with the challenge polishes today. Let's see them and many other talented participants!


  1. These are absolutely lovely! Adore the saran wrap with the gold! :D

    1. Thanks Mina! I like the gold with the turquoise a lot :) Maybe someday I'll do a turquoise skittle with gold& saran wrap...