Saturday, April 27, 2013

March Empties

It's THE time of the month again. Yes, you read me right - the time for an empties post!
f you think you have missed the February empties post, don't worry. You couldn't have, because there wasn't any. I was simply too busy and too much on the go to concentrate on finishing any beauty products. In March I finished four products -  and loved a few of them to pieces.
 One of the loved ones is the Deliplus foot deodorant. Let's not say anything about my feet aka the test environment, but this innocent can apparently has the power to stop the Niagara Falls. So be careful with this you guys!
The other loved one was the Rituals foaming shower gel. The lather felt really luxurous from the first use to the last. Although the packaging felt strange at first (a pressurized can like any hair styling mousse), the resulting foamy feel on the product was something I'm already missing.
To keep up all you nail lovers' interest, here's a teaser pic of a pink and black manicure I wore recently
About the other products, the hairspray was ok, and the toner left an odd feeling film on my face I almost always had to wash off.

I have to say I'm still quite enthusiastic about my "No buy - Less clutter" project, and really looking forward to next month and making a big roundup post. So, it's all polish again until then!


  1. That pink mani is seriously gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks, Jonochi!! I'll have to dedicate a post to it some day..