Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dotty Dot Dot... Pastel Flowers

The Spring is here!! That simply calls for a flowery, pastel-y manicure!
 I shopped some Essence colours on clearance a while ago. I had read a tip about If I were a boy - and I'm glad I took it! The best pastel blue creme I've seen!
When I came home I noticed that I happened to have bought a green, a blue and a purple in matching tones! Combining them was a must.
This manicure is made with:
If I Were a Boy (blue)
Oktoberfest LE Mauserl (green)
Oh My Glitter (purple)
I took inspiration for these flowers from Misscelinas pic I saw in Pinterest. I tried to find a link for you to the corresponding blog post, but didn't find it. Go check her awesome blog out anyways - just click her name above!!

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